Lose Weight with Water Diet


Water dietDiet by only drinking water is believed to be the best way to lose weight quickly while removing toxins from the body. So, how can we do a diet with water?

People who are on a diet of only drinking water should avoid all solid foods and drink plenty of water when they do this diet.

Without solid food the body can still survive. Because the body has sufficient reserves to survive for several days without food.

Nutritionists generally recommend a diet of drinking water for 10 days for those with good physical condition. This process can also help improve the process  of detoxification.

According to buzzle, people who does a water diet, are expected to drink 7-10 glasses of distilled water or purified drinking water each day. With this diet, weight averagely decrease about 2-3 pounds a day.

Besides drinking water, people who are on a water diet can still eat food that has a liquid form, such as soup, fruit juices, tea or coffee without sugar and cream or fruits that contain lots of water.

But not everyone do this kind of diet. Because people with heart disease, diabetes and certain other diseases should not be doing this diet.

There are several requirements that needs to be considered, among others are:

1. People who does water diet should regulate their activities, do not let yourself require a lot of energy and sweat a lot.

2. Before choosing to do a water diet, you should consult with a physician. People with heart disease, diabetes and certain other diseases should not be doing this diet.

3. If you do water more than 1 week and can not leave the routine, then you must include fruit juices for nutrition addition.

4. It is not recommended to use tap water or mineral water. To do a water doer,  you should use distilled water that has magnetic properties to enhance the detoxification process.

5. 8-10 days before doing a water diet, you should start eating more fruits and vegetables, drink fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices. This will help prepare the body for detoxification during fasting and dieting.

6. When on a water diet, there are chances of you to experience dizziness if you suddenly stand up. So always be careful when standing up, take a deep breath before standing up. Inhale deeply to improve the oxygenation process and improve circulation.

7. Avoid heavy foods (foods rich in fat), greasy, spicy food. Similarly, overeating should be avoided. If you do not change your eating habits after the diet, you tend to gain weight fast.