Lose Weight Without Stopping Drinking


Lose Weight Without Stopping DrinkingAlcohol and weight loss cannot go hand in hand with each other. This was a myth or say a misconception. You can lose weight without dropping drinking. Yes, there are negative impacts of drinking which include increase in calories by 7grams per 100ml, hampering the digestion system of the body and adding to weight gain. But all this occurs when you drink in excess and regularly. 

An occasional drink does not harm your body as much as people consider it to. Even if you are in a diet program for weight loss, it does not mean that you cannot have a bit of alcohol. Alcohol consumption and weight loss can be both balanced with the right way of drinking.

In this article we shall discuss a few ways to lose weight without dropping drinking. These are some lose weight tips for the ones who would love to have an occasional drink without adding to their weight.

1. Eat judiciously – One lose weight tip is to eat judiciously when you are drinking. Eating fatty food when drinking can easily add to the weight because the digestion system will tend to digest the alcohol first and store away the fatty food. This will result in weight gain. Therefore to lose weight without stopping drinking you should eat judiciously. Avoid fatty food and eat light food like salads, vegetables and fruits.

2. Exercise it out – If you have a drink, make it a point to exercise it out of your body the next day itself. This is the golden rule if you want to lose weight without stopping drinking. The fat accumulation that happens because of alcohol should be burnt out by exercising equally the next day. You can either run on the treadmill or get in your dancing shoes. But you need to burn out all the weight gained due to the alcohol.

3. Keep it in limits – Every day drinking is bad for health, both in terms of weight as well as general body functioning. You must never over drink if you want to stay healthy. One must drink alcohol only to certain limits, this helps in curbing the crave for alcohol as well as keeps the body health in check. To lose weight without stopping drinking, one must drink in a controlled way. An occasional drink will not harm much until the occasions are not everyday.

4. Next day detox – To remove all the unwanted toxins from the alcohol, a lose weight tip is to plan for a detox program the next day. Detox programs help in removing all the toxins from the body which accumulate because of alcohol. Drink a lot of water and green tea to start with the detoxification. You must not eat oily and fat filled food whenever you opt for a detox program. This is one way to lose weight without stopping drinking.

5. Drink good – There are many drinks in market, but you must be careful when selecting your drink. Do not drink a cheap made alcohol as it may contain more toxins that will lead to weight gain and hampering of body functioning.

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