Losing 10% of Weight Can Minimize Risks of Four Diseases


gradual weigh lossFor people who have excess weight, they better quickly perform a gradual weight loss. With an ideal weight, it is not only beneficial for the body shape. Because lowering 10 percent of excess body weight can reduce four disease risks.

“No one can climb the mountain in one big step, but what is needed is a series of small steps until reaching the top,” said Travis Stork, MD, from the physical faculty of Vanderbilt Medical Center, according to Menshealth.

Stork said in making those small steps, a person will get a very big impact in terms of appearance, health and also life. A British study called Counterweight Programme sees the impact and strength of changes in body weight by 10 percent.

If someone who is obese successfully eliminate 10 percent of their body weight then they would get benefits like:

1. 31 percent opportunities to lower risk of diabetes
2. 20 percent opportunities to lower risk of high levels of blood fats (cholesterol)
3. 25 percent opportunities to lower risk of high blood pressure
4. 21 percent opportunities to lower risk of cardiovascular disease including coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke and heart attack.

A study in 2009 which was published in The Lancet journal showed that normal weight is something that is expected for someone to be able to live 10 years longer. Because it is the decade that someone needs to be able to relax with their husband or wife and get to know their grandchildren someday.

“I do not want someone to do a diet to lose weight, but rather to making food choices and activities and not on the meal restriction plan that could be more dangerous,” said Stork.

Stork revealed that diet is identical with restricting calories, which means lower metabolism in the body to determine the long term weight. Doing a diet will send signals to the body to slow the body’s metabolism when starving and hold on to the existing energy reserves.

What is even worse is if the person experience continuing food shortages, which will make the body burn muscle tissue as well as create increased visceral fat which thus becomes an enemy to the body.

For that reason, drastic weight loss does not provide benefits for the body and health as well, but if it done in stages that is equal to 10 percent of their body weight a person can get multiple benefits.