Losing weight can increase a woman’s brain power?


Losing weight can increase a woman's brain powerLosing weight is not only good for your health, but also for brain health and memory. A recent study showed that weight loss can help improve memory power and brain activity in women. This is proven in older women who are overweight.

This result was found by researchers at Umea University in Sweden after the use of MRI to monitor the brain activity of 20 elderly women who are overweight. Scientists found that participants’ memory skills and brain increased after their diet and lose weight for six months.

Previous research has shown that being overweight can also impair memory and brain power. The more fat that is stored around the hips of women, the risk of weakening of the power of the brain will be even greater.

“Brain activity is higher after participants lose weight, this suggests that the brain became more active in storing new memories,” said lead researcher Andreas Pettersson, as reported by the NY Daily News (21/06).

After a diet and losing weight to increase brain activity is associated with memory storage. It also reduced brain activity in the part related to memory impairment. This indicates the ability of the brain to store memories is more efficient.