Love eating processed meat can shorten life


processed meat can shorten lifeLike to eat processed meats? For example, ham, sausage, or bacon. We recommend that you reduce the consumption. For the latest research says that processed meat lovers are at risk of dying young.

The study comes from Europe. The experts also conveyed the suggestion of processed meat consumption which is 20 grams a day.

Processed meat itself is made ??from the remains of the flesh, which is not sold. So that in it contains much fat that triggers blood vessel blockage.

“Men and women who like to eat ┬áprocessed meat shorten their lives. Because they are at high risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer,” said the researcher, as quoted by the Daily Mail (07/03).

A total of 26,344 respondents were included in this study. Among them, consumers of processed meats such as sausages 160 grams a day at least had a 72 percent increased risk of dying from heart disease.

Researchers also highlighted that people who are accustomed to eating processed meat are usually too lazy to eat vegetables and fruits. So they are getting away from the recommended healthy lifestyle.

The study had also been reported in the BMC Medicine journal.