Low Back Pain is Genetically Inherited


A study conducted in 2006 and published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery suggests that over the years many people have suffered disorder of back pain or lumbar disc degeneration. Many people believe if the pain is caused by physical workload or physical exertion.

But recently, further studies conducted showed that the pain or back pain can be caused by genes. Researchers at King’s College London have identified a gene variant PARK2 which is then associated with a common cause of back pain, which is called lumbar disc degeneration.

These findings indicate a way to kill this gene by changing lifestyle. “We hope this study may explain one of the most important causes of lower back pain,” said one researcher, Dr Frances Williams, as quoted by the Huffington Post.

“If we can build on these findings and increase their knowledge about the condition, maybe someday we can also develop new and more effective treatments for low back pain caused by common conditions,” added the researcher who is also a senior lecturer at the Department of Twin Research and genetic Epidemiology.

Scientists were able to identify genes associated by looking at gene data  of 4,600 people. They found an association between the PARK2  gene and lumbar disc degeneration, and published their findings in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases journal.

The researchers also noted that the specific conditions of back pain, are more and more common, with increasing age. They describe what actually happens when a person has a lumbar disc degeneration that biochemical abnormalities, histology, metabolic and functional changes occur in the LDD. They also show that the condition is inherited by genes on more than half the cases of back pain.