Low Fat Milk Can Still Make Your Body Fat!


Low Fat Milk Can Still Make Your Body FatResearch reveals that low fat milk is also able to increase weight gain.

With reduced fat, skim milk is considered lower in calories, but David Ludwig of the Boston Children’s Hospital and Dr. Walter Willett of the Harvard School of public health, who conducted the study, believes that low calorie beverages does not always mean lower calorie intake.

They said there is little data to support that skim milk can help lose weight. Instead, reducing fat in milk can make people eat and drink more.

This is reinforced by previous studies that states that those who drank low-fat milk has a higher chance of being overweight.

Even full-fat milk contains only 3-4 percent fat. While low-fat dairy producers often increase sugar to make it taste better.

One glass of low-fat chocolate milk contains 158 calories where 68 of them come from solid fats and added sugars, while semi-skimmed milk has 122 calories 37 of them come from solid fats and sugars.

“I do not know how low-fat milk has become so ingrained in the psyche of nutrients, it remain there even though there is no evidence,” Mr Ludwig said. “On the contrary, there is now evidence showing the adverse effects of low-fat milk,” he added as quoted from dailymail.

Full-fat milk is an important source of fat-soluble vitamins which are vitamins A, D, E and K as well as calcium and phosphorus, a mineral that works with vitamin D to build strong bones.

The new study was published in JAMA Pediatrics.