Lower cancer risk with diabetes drug


metformin for cancerResearchers concluded that a commonly used diabetes medication may reduce the risk of inflammation and cancer growth. Really? How can diabetes medications work to reduce the risk of cancer?

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Montreal and McGill University, found that metformin can prevent the development of inflammation. Metformin alone is one of the most common drugs used for diabetes. Dr Gerard Ferbeyre said that experts were surprised by the results. “We have suspected that metformin acts differently on different pathways to reduce the risk of cancer,” said Ferbeyre as quoted by Thirdage (27/3).

In lung cancer, metformin showed the activation of enzymes that can hold mTOR substance, which is a protein that may help the tobacco to induce tumor growth. Metformin alone has the potential to produce anti-cancer hormones in the body.

The research, published in Cell Aging, also found that metformin acts in a completely different path from the one used to manage diabetes. Until now, tested metformin can reduce the risk of lung cancer, ovarian and breast cancers.

Ferbeyre said the study has major implications. “This is an important finding. We will understand and have other alternatives to avoid the threat of cancer. Apparently, the drugs are very common and can safely be helpful in the treatment of some types of cancer and may slow the aging process,” he added.

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