Lower Your Cholesterol With Allium Compound

The herb Allium Compound plays a vital role in maintaining the normal condition of our health. Allium compounds actually come from Allium Sativum which is commonly known as garlic. Garlic is indeed one of the most widely researched and studied medicinal plants for its great potential in the field of medicine.

In the making of the allium compounds, it is given that the fresh garlic bulb is usually dehydrated, and crushed into a powder. After that, it is then compacted to produce a tablet. It is the tablet form that is the most regularly applied commercial preparation of garlic. It is also noted that raw whole cloves of garlic have somehow the same effects.

The allium compounds that are believed to be responsible for the garlic’s actions have been alleged to ward off evil spirits and will help in healing wounds. This is the common belief of many people when it comes to alliumcompounds and until now such belief is still practiced.

What are the health benefits of allium compounds?

Numerous studies have been conducted and fortunately those studies bring out some of the fundamental uses of allium compounds. There are also some well-known investigations that are mainly focusing on the potential advantages in lessening the danger pf cardiovascular disease for the main reason that alliumcompounds have a lipid-lowering effect as well as antithrombotic effects. And aside from that, the potential of the allium compounds for antitumor and antimicrobial effects is also being studied by some experts.

For further information, the cholesterol lowering effects of the allium compounds which in turn are attributed to garlic have been well documented by some experts in humans to really see the possible outcomes from such application. It is then found out from such study that garlic, from which this supplement is created, may reduce the total serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL, while heightening the level of HDL. In fact, certain outcomes of one of the clinical study conducted for the functions of the alliumcompounds once reported that there is a mean reduction of six percent on the total serum cholesterol and eleven percent in the LDL.

Those studies conducted to find out the health benefits of allium compounds reported that an allium compound known as methylallyltrisulphide which is found in garlic oil has been associated with the inhibition of platelet aggregation. There is also another allium compound by the name of ajoene, which is recently being studied and investigated as it is believed that it has a great effect on platelet aggregation.

However, the mechanism for such studies still remains unclear, but the preliminary pilot studies with AIDS patients suggest that garlic along with its alliumcompounds have a great effect in reducing morbidity.

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