Lung Cancer Risk Can be Detected


smoking lung cancer risk Cancer Health TipsNot all smokers will suffer lung cancer even though smoking is the biggest risk factors for this disease. To determine whether a person is at risk of contracting lung cancer or not, now there is a test method from genetic changes in the throat.

This test equipment is now being developed by scientists from the United States. It is expected that later a person’s risk of cancer can be early detected.

The question now is if genetic changes are found, which one is an indicative of cancer, is it possible to restore the genetic reactions before it turns to cancer? The scientists say, an experimental drug shows that it is possible on some people.

In his research, Dr. Avrum Spira from Boston University School of Medicine analyzed 129 smokers and former smokers. He found a gene suspected of triggering cancer, PI3K. When the gene is too active, the cells will grow too much. Most previous studies only identify this gene as a tumor.

Spira foundd P13K activation in smokers and former smokers who suffer from precancerous lesions, but this gene is not found in those who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Although not yet confirmed how much opportunity this  genetic lead to cancer, but the people who declared free of this marker is expected to remain vigilant.

The experts warn, the risk of lung cancer in smokers reaches 20 percent, depending on how many cigarettes they smoke, how long they have been a smoker, and when they stopped smoking. However, there is no way to ascertain whether a smoker will be free from cancer or not.

“Even for people who have stopped smoking, the risk of lung cancer is still high. Because of that, genetic test to find out cancer risks as early as possible would be very helpful,” said lung specialist from Duku University, Dr. Neal Ready, who was not involved in the research.