Magnetic Technology Can Kill Tumors More Securely


Radiation is a powerful way to kill tumor tissues, but is quite a risk to surrounding healthy tissues. But, now with magnetic technology which is being developed, tumors can be handles more securely.

It works by injecting nanoparticles which are mixed with antibodies. With the guidance of antibodies, the particles will go to the location of the tumor growth and then attach themselves in the place.

Once attached, then the particles are activated from outside the body using a magnetic device. The magnetic field created will cause the nano particles to heat up so that it can kill the tumor.

The heating is claimed to be safe for healthy tissue around it. Because according to experts who develop it, the deadly effect of the heated particles is very specific on the tumor tissue it is attached to.

This innovative method is also easy to use, because the injection of nano particles is carried through the bloodstream such as when injecting drugs. Once the work is completed, the particles will also be quickly removed by the body in order to minimize side effects.

Another advantage is that it does not take a long time, and can be applied to outpatients. The procedures performed in a laboratory takes only 6 hours.

Unfortunately, the testing which has been done is still limited to tissue samples in laboratories. According to ScienceDaily, a team of experts from Tel Aviv University will conduct tests in vivo (in living things) around next year.