Maintain heart health with these 4 oils

Maintain heart health with these 4 oils

The heart is a vital organ in the body that the health must be maintained. Maintaining heart health can be done in many ways, one of which is by eating the right foods. Healthy fats can provide nutrients.

These healthy fats not only can be obtained from food, but also from some kinds of oil. One of them is olive oil. But not  only olive oil, there are several types of oil that can be consumed to improve heart health.

Here are a few types of oils you can consume to nourish your heart, and nourish the body as a whole, as reported by the Women’s Health Mag (14/10).

1. Sesame oil
The oil extracted from sesame seeds can prevent diabetes, dental cavities, and prevent sunburn. In addition, this oil also contains unique antioxidant and can help control blood sugar levels as well as high cholesterol. As it is known that high cholesterol levels is one of the causes of heart disease. This oil can prevent heart disease and diabetes.

2. Avocado Oil
Avocado oil can help prevent and cope with painful joints and is good for skin health. Avocado oil also contains anti-inflammatory substances that may protect the skin from free radicals. Even so, the avocado oil is still very expensive. If you can not afford it, you can get the benefits by eating an avocado. You will get the extra fiber and nutritional benefits as well in it.

3. walnut oil
Walnut oil is considered to have the same good effect with fish oil. Walnut oil are rich in omega-3 and ALA. Both of these substances will enhance the immune system and a healthy nervous system. Not only that, walnut oil also prevents stress and high blood pressure, and protect heart health.

4. Coconut oil
Coconut oil contains antioxidants uberoil which has great potential. This oil can protect oral health, improve the digestive system, control cholesterol, and even reduce fat.

Those are some kind of oil that can help you nourish the heart and throughout the body. They can prevent inflammation, maintain healthy teeth, mouth, skin, and controlling cholesterol and blood pressure that can lead to heart disease.

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