Maintain your kidney health by eating these 5 foods


Cauliflower for kidney health

Kidney is a part of the body that works to filter out impurities in the fluid from the body. So when your kidneys are not functioning properly, then you will have difficulty in urinating, swelling around the eyes and feet, or even suffer from kidney stones to kidney failure.

Actually for kidney health care, healthy food consumption is required in addition to regular exercise. As reported, here are some healthy foods that are important to maintain kidney health:

Bell peppers
Bell peppers helps to break down dirt that is in the blood, so that it helps ease the work of the kidneys. You can consume bell peppers either grilled, boiled, or consumed directly.

Egg whites
Egg whites contain phosphorus which help to maintain kidney health. Moreover those who suffer kidney problems should avoid egg yolks.

This vegetable is an enemy of the toxic substances in your body. Because cauliflower is rich in indoles, glucosinotales, and thiocyanate. All of these natural substances are beneficial to remove the toxic waste in the body.

Cabbage is a vegetable that contains phytochemical substances. This substance can remove free radicals in the body so that it is good for kidney health.

Omega-3 fatty acid found in fish are good for reducing kidney problems as well containing anti-inflammatory content in it.

In addition to the above foods, drinking juice on a regular basis is also good for kidney health. Because it will remove piles of poison in the kidney.