Male Contraceptive Pills Without Side Effects is Coming Soon


Male Contraceptive PillsMen will soon be able to use contraceptive pills that has no side effects.

Scientists have developed a drug that temporarily stops sperm production without causing long term damage to male fertility. Previously, scientists have tried to create a male contraceptive pill for years, but was less successful.

In the past, most drugs that are developed were inserted, not in the form of pills, and many contain steroids which have harmful side effects, including heart disease and impotence.

Unlike previous findings, this one does not contain steroids and has not been proven to have side effects.

So far the pills were only tested on rats, but scientists hope to conduct long-term studies in humans in the next few years.

The pill which is developed by researchers at Columbia University in New York damage the ability of the male body to use vitamin A which is essential for sperm production.

Although vitamin A is essential for vision, the drug developer said it will not affect vision. They also claimed a man will begin to produce sperm again soon after he stopped taking the pill.

Test results so far in rats shows the pill is effective, with no negative effects.

Because it is still in early stages of development, its creator does not know how often someone needs to take the pill. However, the possibility is once a day, just like conventional birth control pills for women.

Scientists are now trying to develop a more powerful version that can be released into the body gradually and only need to be drunk once a week.

“We do not see any side effects so far and our rats [after testing] are pretty happy,” said Dr. Debra Wolgemuth from Columbia University medical center, according to the Daily Mail.

She said the main advantages of this contraceptive pill compared to other pills that are being developed is that it does not influence the testosterone sex hormone levels.

Changing levels of testosterone have been associated with changes in cholesterol levels that can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. It can also affect male sex drive and cause weight gain.