Male Perfume could Damage Sperm Quality

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According to the Environmental Working Group study on consumer advocacy, shows the ‘secret’ formula to create the scent of cologne can damage sperm quality.

Researchers analyzed the chemical composition of 17 perfume and cologne which is on the market. They found that many deodorant products contains compounds that affect human reproductive hormones. Compounds chemical solvents, diethyl phthalate (DEP) were found in 12 products. The findings of Harvard University in 2006 showed that phthalate compounds related to the damage of sperm and reduced male fertility.

The researchers also found that DEP is one of 12 chemical compounds inside the cologne which could affect the male hormones. In one of famous cologne label, the researchers found that it contains seven compounds that interact with estrogen and androgen (male and female hormones).

“Due to the long-term use of cologne and perfume is not known yet, since there is no long-term testing,” said researcher Dr Olga V. Naidenko as quoted from Aol Health.

“The small use of content is not dangerous. However, many chemicals appear together in many products, buried inside the body from time to time and arise a bad effect,” he said.

The same study describes two chemicals that form aroma of synthetic musks, tonalide, and galaxolide, can disrupt the hormone estrogen and androgen. Galaxolide trace compounds found in umbilical cord of a newborn baby. This proves that the baby could be exposed to chemicals while in the womb.

Researchers encourage manufacturers to list all ingredients included in the product. Further study is needed to ensure the safety of beauty products and perfumes on the market.

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