Marijuana Effects on Adolescent Brain


teenagers marijuana usersAlthough having some benefits, marijuana is considered as a type of narcotic that can make users addicted, experience hallucinations, euphoria effects moment, become lazy, and slow.

The effect of marijuana use could be worse for teenagers who are still in growth phase. A study was conducted by a team from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, to determine the effects of marijuana use in adolescents.

The study, which was published in ‘The British Journal of Psychiatry’, analyzed the mental function of 100 users who consume marijuana on a regular basis for 10 years and 50 respondents who are not users of marijuana.

They found that 49 people who start taking marijuana since the age of 15 years have control impulsivity and poorer cognitive function. In the card sorting test, they make more mistakes. This was compared with 55 respondents, who had a late start in smoking marijuana, and 44 respondents who are not users of marijuana.

“Those who used marijuana as a teenager have poorer cognitive function. That is because, in adolescence the brain is in a very vulnerable period of the neurotoxic effects of marijuana,” said head researcher Dr. Maria Fontes, according to the Daily Mail.

Marijuana user since teenager can lead to decline in cognitive function and mental which is bad for users. According to Dr. Maria, the brain at the age of 15 years old is still growing and in a maturing period so that the use of marijuana would be very dangerous.