Marriage Accelerate Healing of Cancer


marriage heal cancerGetting married is one of the most beautiful moments in life. However, many cancer survivors are afraid to get married because they fear of wasting time and that it will bother others.

In fact, according to a study conducted in the United States, cancer patients may increase the chances of healing of malignant cells in their bodies by getting married.

According to the Daily Mail, a study conducted by Penn State College of Medicine and Brigham Young University revealed that cancer patients who get married have a 14 percent lower risk of death. This occurs both in men and women.

The study also showed that the patient’s condition can be diagnosed early. They are also more willing to take aggressive treatment such as chemotherapy.

However, researchers do not yet know how the institution of marriage can help cancer patients survive. They speculate, the partner can take care and encourage the spirit to overcome the disease.

According to Sven Wilson, co-author and professor from Brigham Young University, the most important key of the healing process is by controlling the stage at which cancer is detected. This is what underlies the next step after diagnosis.

“With a partner, the patient will be helped in determining the types of problems. So that they can quickly take action,” he said.

But unfortunately, the study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology did not examine the health comparison of people with cancer who are married and unmarried.