Marriage Makes Men Behave Better


marriage happinesMen tend to behave better after they get married. This occurs because marriage seems to help improve attitudes so that they can become better and tend to make the marriage as priority, this is according to a research in the United States.

S. Alexandra Burt and colleagues at Michigan State University also found that men who have bad behavior will end after marriage.

Among men who are married, some shows that signs of bad behavior, especially acts associated with antisocial problems like criminal behavior, lying, aggressive and not having mercy reduced after they bind themselves in marriage.

Burt said that men who marries “in the beginning are not an antisocial and even after they get married the antisocial behavior reduces.”

In a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry December issue, Burt and his colleagues studied 289 male twin pairs for 12 years, from age 17 to 29 years. More than half were identical twins.

Men who married during the study period, approximately 60 percent of them showed less antisocial behavior at ages 17 and 20. This suggests that men with an attitude like that tend put marriage above all.

At the age of 29 years, unmarried men who have a 1.3 average antisocial behavior, compared with 0.8 among married men.

However, among identical twins with one person married and the other not married, married men were found to have fewer antisocial behavior than the one who are not married.

In the case of identical twins by genes and childhood in the same atmosphere that tends to produce the same antisocial behavior, this research indicates that marriage helps to get rid of the bad behavior.

But it is unclear why men can improve their behavior after marriage, says Ryan King of the University of Albany who was not involved in the study.

Men who are married spend more time with their partner than with their friends and bad behaviors like crime and drinking alcohol tend to be a group activity, he said.

Plus, men who are married will lose more if they were caught because of illegal activity and are more concerned with what is thought by their partner.

“Not everyone have the same possibility to get married, but those who are married gets the benefit of marriage,” said King.

The research results help explain the findings of other studies showing that married men do less crime. Recent research for example, shows that marriage is related with a 35 percent decrease of crime.

The study also found that married people tend to be healthier than when they were still alone, although recent studies reveal that health benefits because of marriage is still unclear. But those who are married tend to live longer, experience less depression or heart disease and stroke.