Marriage Reduces Production of Stress Hormones


happy marriage coupleMarriage is often associated with the increase of public health. A new study indicates that marriage has a long-term bound in changing hormones that reduces stress.

According to Dario Maestripieri, Professor of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago, those who are not married but have a committed relationship with their partner, showed the same response to reduce stress as well as married people.

“This result show that pairs are more responsive to psychological stress. Marriage and social support can be a buffer against stress,” Maestripieri wrote in the article, ‘Between-and Within-sex Variations in Hormonal Responses to Psychological Stress in a Large Sample of College Students,’ which was published in the latest edition of the Stress journal, according to Sciencedaily.

The team of researchers from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University studied 500 master’s degree student at the University of Chicago Business section. Study sample consist of 40 percent of men and 53 percent of married women or those who are tied to a relationship. In total, the sample was 348 men with an average age of 29 years and 153 women with an average age of 27 years.

Students were asked to play a series of computer games which it’s economic behavior is tested and saliva samples are taken before and after the game to measure levels and changes in hormones. Each student was told that this test is a requirement of the program, and will affect placement of their future career. It made the test of experience have potential of stress that can affect the levels of cortisol, known as stress hormones.

Researchers found that concentrations of cortisol increased in all participants, but women had an average higher increase than men. This test also showed a decline of testosterone in male subjects, but not in women. “We found individuals of the two sexes have higher cortisol levels than those who are married,” Maestripieri said.

“Although marriage can be stressful, it will make it easier for people to handle stress in their lives,” he continued. “What we found is a marriage which has a damping effect on cortisol responses to psychological stress,”