Mastectomy does not guarantee women free of breast cancer


Mastectomy does not guarantee women free of breast cancerSurgical removal of the breast or known in medical terms is called a double mastectomy is a surgery that can prevent women considered at high risk for breast cancer is not affected by this disease. Therefore the operation have been Angelina Jolie some time ago to spare him from breast cancer.

However, if the operation is really operating effectively?

A study reported by the AFP said that this operation does not guarantee the women with high breast cancer risk to be free of this terrible disease as much as 100%.

“More and more women are choosing radical surgery to lift all of their breast tissue that is not affected by breast cancer. Though this type of surgery is not the only type of operation that is able to protect them from breast cancer. There is a surgery to remove breast cancer directly or lumpectomy surgery cancerous tissue is lifted and then followed by radiation therapy, “said study author Allison Kurian. “We therefore urge the woman to have an indirect way of this radical surgery. Thing is more important to adjust the first type of operation with the state of your body in order to avoid further complications other.”