Maternal depression make children vulnerable to obesity


Maternal depressionBesides its effect on mental health, depression suffered by a mother can also affect the health of her child. A study at Children’s Hospital, Montefiore showed that mothers who are depressed are more likely to have children who are overweight or obese

“This suggests that depression not only affects the mental state of the child, but also their physical health,” said lead researcher Dr. Rachel Gross, as reported by the NY Daily News (10/07).

This study found that children who have depressed mothers are more likely to eat out, skip breakfast, or dinner with their families. Moreover, children are also spend less time playing and sleeping.

Gross found that mothers who often experience depression should immediately see a doctor and discuss the situation with their child’s doctor. Children who are overweight are likely to become obese adults.

In addition to immediately deal with depression, the mother should pay more attention to their children’s health by taking children to do sports or supervise the food consumed by their children.