Medicine for depression is not just pills


Consulting with a therapist can help if depressed people are not able to control their condition with medication. This was stated by researchers from the UK.

As reported by My Health News Daily (06/12), researchers confirmed that people with depression should try and not underestimate the effectiveness of consultation.

“Until now, there are little evidence that depressed people can improve with the help of a therapist rather than just relying on antidepressant pills,” explained researcher Nicola Wiles from the University of Bristol.

The study involved patients with depression whose condition is observed for one year. Next, the researchers plan to observe more about the combination of long-term treatment, especially for patients at risk of relapse after being cured.

A total of 470 patients with depression who did not improve their condition despite taking antidepressant pill s were included in this study. Half of them were undergoing treatment by consulting with experts, while others only took antidepressant pills.

After six months, about 46 percent of people with depression who underwent treatment by consulting experts experienced decreased of depression by 50 percent. While patients who took antidepressant pills improved only 22 percent.

Unfortunately, consulting a therapist is often regarded as a method of treatment of depression that is difficult. Besides expensive, health insurance most do not support the cost of consultation.

If you also feel depressed, do not just rely on antidepressant pills. You can try to talk with your family or parents who can help you ease the burden of depression you are feeling.

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