Memory Starts to Decrease at Age 30


Generally, people experience memory loss in middle age, around the age of 57 years old. A study found that modern humans are now beginning to experience memory loss at the age of 30 years old.

An online poll involving more than a thousand adults in England found that 11 percent of respondents began to experience memory loss in their 40s and six per cent at the age of 30.

The survey also revealed that those aged 50 and over have been doing a lot of embarrassing mistakes due to memory loss. Examples include leaving the house without wearing socks, forgetting how to spell common words like “watch” or “apple”. There are some who even forgot their own name in a business meeting.

Half of people aged 50 years old admitted to the embarrassment of forgetting the little things. While 37 percent say they forget the name of someone else, followed by 19 percent who forgets keys and sunglasses. Some people even claim to have left their spouse or child in the store.

The study revealed that 31 percent of respondents are concerned that the memory impairment they experience will worsen in the future.

Jonathan Hancock, a memory contest winner, who is also an an online tutor¬†course said, “a sharp memory is something we get, not owned. Brain is a muscle and changes according to the way people practice or exercise,” he told the Daily Mail.

He said, everyone can train their brain and improve memory performance with some training techniques. So that people can easily remember names, important dates, numbers, lists, and ideas.

An easy way to maintain and improve memory:
– Crosswords/Puzzles
– Sudoku
– Reading
– Help children with homework
– Taking a new course