Men tend to underestimate their weight


Men tend to underestimate their weightA recent online survey proves that men are likely to underestimate their weight than women. It also makes men have risk of developing certain health problems.

As part of the interactive project from The Guardian, as much as 300,000 respondents who were included in this survey. They all asked about a lot of things and were put in the category of underweight, healthy, overweight, obese or severely obese.

As reported by The Daily News, one of four men tend to think that their weight is lower than it actually is.

Meanwhile, as many as 27 percent of women consider themselves more fat than their actual weight. There are only 12 percent of men who think their weight is more.

Compared to women, men do tend to like to underestimate their weight. Women are concerned with a variety of health coverage in the media, so that they are more aware of the importance of maintaining weight.

Unfortunately the same is not perceived by men. They continually underestimate weight, meaning that they put themselves at risk of health problems. For example, obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

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