Mental disorders make it difficult to lose weight


 For those of you who want an ideal body shape or for health reasons, then you start thinking about dieting. Driven by high motivation, then you begin to formulate a diet. But as often encountered, you will fail to comply with your diet schedule. You find it difficult to avoid the various kinds of temptations from delicious foods.

If you are experiencing the same thing, be careful with mental disorders or psychological disorder behind it. As reported by, a study by Oxford University and Cambridge University found that some types of people have psychological disorders that affect their appetite.

“We found that there is a type designation for those who have problems with psychological state associated with appetite. The first type is feasters that will continue to eat because they never feel full. The second type is constant Cravers who can not stop thinking about food. And the the third is the emotional eaters who will eat anything whenever they are faced with things that do not make them uncomfortable, “said Professor Susan Jebb of this university. “Everything is actually related to your psychological condition. The situation is manipulating the brain so you can not be separated from food.”

Furthermore, in this study it was stated that each of these psychological conditions uses different types of healing.

The feasters are advised to diet by eating foods that stimulate the hormone levels in the gut by eating high-protein foods such as meat, fish, or beans.

The constant Cravers are encouraged to eat foods no more than 800 calories for 2 days per week. And lastly for the emotional eaters, they need counseling and social support to prevent them from being switched on when experiencing problems or stress.