MERS, koronavirus that is still mysterious


MERS, koronavirus that is still mysteriousRecently appeared a virus similar to the SARS virus, the virus MERS (Middle Earth Respiratory Virus). Mers is one form of koronavirus. Koronavirus had killed and infected many people in the world, and is a threat to global health. So, what is koronavirus?

Koronavirus is a virus of the coronavida family that can cause various diseases. Koronavirus are divided into three groups. Groups one and two infects mammals, and the third group infects birds. Koronavirus disease cause are highly variable, ranging from the common cold to deadly respiratory diseases such as SARS and MERS.

Koronavirus Mers itself is different to that is found in humans ever before, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as reported by Discovery News (29/05).

Some of the symptoms caused by koronavirus mers are fever, cough, breathing shallowly, as well as the emergence of pneumonia in some cases. Mers is one form of koronavirus that is still mysterious. Until now researchers are still figuring out how this new koronavirus can infect humans.

Recent data from the CDC show that MERS could be transmitted between humans. Even so, it seems that the disease can not spread very rapidly as SARS in 2003. Mers virus keeps getting strict supervision by experts in case if the virus develops into a more dangerous threat.

“Knowledge of the virus is still very small compared with the likely to be a major threat. We do not know where this virus originated and are hiding in nature. We do not understand how people could be infected,” said Chan, a MERS virus researcher.

Chan explained that before the experts can clarify these questions, they still have to fight MERS with bare hands. Until now MERS has infected more than 40 people and killing 22 people from around the world.