Migraines Can Also Occur in the Stomach


abdominal migraineThe term migraine is usually used for pain in the head or headaches on one side. But, migraine not only occurs on the head, stomach can also experience migraines. What are the symptoms?

According to the NYTimes, Dr. David Dodick from Mayo Clinic explains that there is a condition known as abdominal migraine. This condition is usually more common in childhood, but can also occur in adolescents and adults.

Patients will usually complain about recurrent abdominal pain attacks, both medium and heavy attacks for three days. The pain is like a migraine on the head, can be associated with loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

According to Dr Dodick, very little is known about the mechanism of this abdominal migraine. But to overcome this condition, doctors usually prescribe antimigrain drugs normally used for regular migraine pain.

There is also a condition called cyclic vomiting which often occur in children. Dr. Dodick said that this condition is also equivalent to the abdominal migraine.

We can see it from migrant-related symptoms, but not accompanied by pain in the head, so that it could be called abdominal migraine.

Cyclic vomiting patients usually experience recurring pain and frequent vomiting. Pain may be felt four times in an hour and vomiting can last from one hour to five days.

Dr Dodick explained that both of these disorders are a diagnosis of exclusion. That is, the cause of migraine should be systematically addressed in a way that a complete evaluation by a gastrointestinal specialist and migraine expert, before you can make a diagnosis of migraine