Milk also has side effect


Studies of milk has been shown that milk consumption has negative effects on consumers, especially for owners of dark skin. Most milk sold in the market are not manufactured in the same way as naturally derived milk from the farm. Cow’s milk-producing cows at this time is a rare eating, illness, or pregnancy where the hormone is not good. This hormone then into the milk and give bad effect for milk drinkers.As quotes from Carefair .

Contained progesterone in pregnant cows milk breaks down into androgens. Androgens are steroid hormones that control the masculine nature and characteristics of each vertebrate. The most frequently discussed androgen is testosterone.

Some doctors think that the growth experienced by teenage acne can be associated with the consumption of milk which contains extraandrogen. When boys enter puberty, for example, testosterone increases caused by consuming several glasses of milk every day. This habit that causes the skin have a problem serious enough.

In addition, many people are allergic to milk, and visible manifestation of this reaction on the skin, such as atopic dermatitis in infants. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the skin that cause itching. While adults have lactose intolerant, which is an allergic reaction that can manifest acne milk.

What you eat will certainly affect the whole body, and the skin is the largest organ. If you must drink milk, try eating dairy cows fed natural products and are allowed to roam freely. Cows are kept in cages is often limited experience stress. Some physicians assume, stress hormones are released follow to move cows to milk and can trigger stress hormones milk drinkers. For that, if possible drink organic milk or homemade yogurt that proved beneficial for the skin.