Milk Can Overcome Dehydration Better than Energy Drinks


child drink milkThirst and the feeling of dizziness during exercise are signs of dehydration or lack of body fluids and electrolytes. In children, drinking milk is better to treat the condition compared to drinking energy drinks.

The risk of dehydration usually increases at daytime, especially when the weather is at its hottest. Besides released through sweat, body fluids and electrolytes contained in them are also released through evaporation that occurs on the surface of the skin as well as when we talk.

According to a study, every 1 percent loss of body fluids, the body’s physical ability will decrease by 15 percent. The signs include difficulty in concentrating, heart rate and the body’s core temperature increases and people will more quickly feel tired.

More severe dehydration can also trigger more serious organ damage, or even death. For example in people who stays too long under the sun, there is often a heart condition called heat stroke.

Children are quite susceptible to the harmful effects of dehydration because it is in its infancy, so that the function of organs are not entirely perfect. Especially when the kids are exercising under the hot sun and when the air feels dry.

A study at McMaster University showed that drinking water alone is sometimes not enough because it does not replace electrolytes the body lost through sweat. Even so, for kids, energy drinks are not recommended.

Milk is much better to be consumed during exercise under the sun, because the nutrient content in it not only replaces lost fluids and electrolytes. Protein and calcium in it are also good for the formation of muscle cells and bone.

“Children are easily dehydrated during exercise and they need to drink enough to replace body fluids. Milk is better because it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, calcium and electrolytes,” said one researcher Brian Timmons, according to Indiavision.