Mind Over Matter


Erectile dysfunction in men does not necessarily mean that, physically, you have an impairment as erectile dysfunction can also be affected psychologically such as environmental and personal stresses within your home and workplace. Stress can dampen a man’s spirit. If he does not know how to control his reaction with stress and allows it to go unresolved, he can go into depression.

Depression then, when left unrecognized, can affect how a man functions sexually. There are other psychological causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence such as anxieties, low self esteem and insecurities. Even sexual boredom and lack of intimacy within a relationship can cause erectile dysfunction in men. But if psychological factors are the cause of your erectile dysfunction, then the higher chance you have of curing your erectile dysfunction with the power of mind over matter.

I know it sounds ridiculous and difficult, but with time and mastery of some techniques I will discuss below, you can put the zing back into your relationship and beat impotence.

Psychosexual therapy has been used by many couples, and they found it satisfying. They consult with a psychiatrist who teaches them new techniques and exercises geared towards making their sex life more satisfying. Psychosexual therapy helps couples bring intimacy back into the relationship, thus, increasing their sexual interests and arousal.

Talking and discussing the problem can help the couples understand it better, and they can identify the stresses and anxieties that cause his erectile dysfunction. With these out in the open, they can begin removing the stress out of their relationship and do activities that will help them keep these out in the future.

Behavior modification is also a good technique of curing erectile dysfunction. If a man is suffering a low self esteem, chances are that his outlook of himself is down. With behavior modification, the man can learn techniques on how to look at himself in a positive way and react to himself in a positive way. After he mastered this, he and his partner will see improvement of performance in bed.

Although this technique takes a much longer period of time to master, its benefits are wide because not only does it help men with their erectile dysfunction but it also improves their characters. Here are some tips to do behavior modification on your own.

* Assess how you feel about yourself, your personal and social situation and your work situation. You also have to know how you feel about your partner.
* Talking about these things with your partner is advisable because you can share each others’ concerns and learn from each other. It is imperative that both of you speak honestly about things and what you want in your relationship as it is necessary for the two of you to come up with a solution that would best suit you both.
* A healthier life is a way to a healthier mind. It is necessary for you to become aware of the need for exercise and right choices of food as lack of exercise and high cholesterol can affect erectile function.

If you are finding this to be extremely difficult then it is wise to consult with a professional therapist.