Mint Leaf Can Help Your Diet

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mint weight lossBeing able to fight appetite is the toughest challenge while undergoing a slimming diet. Therefore, you need a strategy so that you do not easily get tempted by delicacies.

Try occasionally to smell mint or peppermint leaves during your spare time. The smell of the fresh leaves are not only beneficial to add flavor to snacks, but it helps reduce appetite.

Studies at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, demonstrate the effectiveness of the scent of mint that could decrease the desire to eat.

The respondents in the study were asked to smell the aroma of mint leaves every two hours. The result, they can reduce calorie intake to 23 percent from usual.

If you want to reduce appetite, inhale the scent of fresh mint leaves or mint essential oils. Peppermint has a Latin name Mentha x piperita contains essential oils and menthol. Substance that gives the sensation of coldness in the mint.

Also, avoid stress. University of Texas study revealed that the stress hormone ghrelin is the ringleader of the emergence of a desire to continue to chew food. Increased ghrelin hormone makes food look more appealing.

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