Mobile Phones Makes Our Body Stress


cell phone addictWith mobile phones, we become increasingly dependent on instant gratification to connect with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. But, have you ever seen how the body responds to the constant phone ring?

In a recent study of the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at San Francisco State University, 12 students have a concern for the stress they experienced when their body are too dependent on mobile phones. This study measures the level of enthusiasm of the students when they send and receive text messages, and the results were very surprising.

Each participant significantly experience increase in respiration rate, heart rate, skin conductance (electrical conductivity or heat), and electromyography surface. All of which are indicators of increased stress and passion. As many as 83 percent of the participants later reported to experience hand and neck pain and had to hold breath when receiving a message, even though most of them do not realize the effect, according to Women’s Health.

So, weather you realize the changes that happened or not, the phone causes our body become more in a physiological state that has the same effect as a long-term stress.

As one solution, breathing exercises can help you feel more relaxed, even when you’re busy sending or receiving messages (texting). Nancy Elkes, a yoga instructor from New York City recommends deep breathing exercises.

And to reduce the stress related to the use of mobile phones, try to limit your phone use at work and social life are indeed necessary.