Mosquitoes Likes Blood of Beer Drinkers


anopheles gambiae mosquito likes beer drinker bloodMalaria is an examples of a dangerous diseases caused by mosquitoes. These insects love to suck human blood. But did you know that mosquitoes prefer  blood from beer drinkers?

Anopheles gambiae mosquito is the main carrier of malaria in Africa, because this mosquito prefers to suck human blood. This mosquito is attracted to different body odors including breath odor.

Because of the high cases of malaria in Africa, researchers from Australia conducted a study in Burkina Faso, West Africa, according to Torontosun.

Researchers conducted a study with a complex system of tubes, which direct the body odor of 43 participants in the boxes so that mosquitoes can choose a favorite scent.

All participants are male between the ages of 20 to 43 years old. Half of the participants were asked to drink a liter of 3 percent beer while the rest were asked to drink a liter of water.

The study was conducted four times, before and after drinking beer and also before and after drinking water.

It turned out that the mosquitoes prefer the blood from the beer drinker group. 47 percent of mosquitoes like the blood of participants after drinking beer, compared with 37 percent before drinking beer. While for those who drank water there were no significant differences, that is the same before and after drinking water by 37 percent.

“The increased beer consumption of beer attracts mosquitoes,” writes Thierry Lefevre, head of  the research, in PLoS One online journal.

But Lefevre does not know why mosquitoes prefer to suck the blood of a beer drinker.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of carbon dioxide, but beer drinkers no longer dispose gas after drinking. In addition, the mosquito also likes body temperature, but beer also lowers body temperature several degrees.

“Metabolism of beer that could attract mosquitoes is still a mystery. But what is certain is that drinking beer could increase the risk of contracting malaria,” Lefevre said.