Muktavati – Natural and Herbal Remedy for High Blood-Pressure


Health tips – It is claimed that just like asthma, there is no cure to High Blood-Pressure, and they can only be managed. However, ayurveda says otherwise. Muktavati is said to be a natural and organic remedy that has said to have brought relief to High Blood-Pressures without any side-effects. Does it work? Well, let us tell you a little more about it before you make a decision.

Muktavati is a herbal preparation that is made from Herbs found in the Himalayas like Shankhapushpi, Lavender, Mukta Pishti, Jyotishmati, Jata-Mamsi, Arjuna, Vaca, Ashvagandha, Puskara-Mula Sarpagandha and some more cooling herbs. This natural remedy can work wonders and you can start consuming it immediately. The effect is said to be shown within 4 days. You can begin the course along with your allopathic medicines and only when you have seen a drop in your blood-pressure, you can make your decision.

As said, Muktavati has no side-effects, so it is extremely safe to consume it along with your existing treatment plan if you have your concerns. No matter what the cause of your high blood-pressure is – high cholesterol, kidney malfunction, stress or heredity, Muktavati is effective in controlling your blood-pressure.

Your transition will be slow, but it will definitely be visible. Before you begin taking Muktavati tablets, get your blood-pressure checked. This will help you keep a tab on your results. If you are taking Muktavati along with your allopathic treatment, once your blood-pressure is in lowered, you can stop taking your prescribed drugs.

To begin with start taking 2 tablets in morning, afternoon and evening one hour before your meal – for BP 160/100 mmhg. If your BP is 140/90 mmhg, take 2 tablets in the morning and evening one hour before your meal. As the blood pressure stabilizes, the dosage should be gradually reduced to 2 tablets one hour before lunch. As the results continue to be positive, start taking 1 tablet a day.

When the blood pressure comes in the range of 120/ 80 mmhg or less, then 1 tablet should be taken twice a week, and later on it should be taken only once a week. Slowly over a period of time, you can stop taking Muktavati completely and resume a regular lifestyle that is free from suppressing your cravings.

Of course, while the course runs, you have to take the necessary precautions and not go overboard with binging on harmful things post your blood pressure has stabilized. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle ensures you are safe than sorry.

To speed-up the process, you could also try Pranayama, replace regular salt with rock-salt, consume more potassium, chewing neem or basil leaves as you begin the day and include more fresh fruits in your diet.

While Muktavati doesn’t have any negative side-effects, it does help in many things apart from High Blood-Pressure like insomnia, chest pain, palpitations, improvement in memory and liver protection.

So if you are having a high blood-pressure problem, Muktavati will not just help in curing that; it will also leave you with many more benefits that you didn’t even know you were missing out on, that too in a complete natural and organic way.