Multivitamins Reduce Cancer Risks in Men


Are you a man who has a habit of consuming multivitamins as a daily routine? Well, if you do have this habit you could count yourself lucky, because based on a report of a recent study, it is known that multivitamins have a very great benefits for health that you may not already know yet. The study states that multivitamins may help reduce the risk of cancer in healthy old men.

But unfortunately, the great effects given by multivitamins for cancer risks does not affect their chances of developing heart disease. The research itself was presented at the American Heart Association conference in Los Angeles, as reported Thirdage.

According to other studies about the same problem conducted a few weeks ago, it was known that similar results with this study was also found. Researchers here claim to have found that multivitamins has the ability to reduce cancer risks by 8 percent. Although it looks very low, this percentage can not be achieved when you do exercise or even a healthy diet.

A separate analysis has been released in connection with the conference. The results show that 1 in 3 people who are in good health will eventually develop heart problems or stroke. Advantages, such conditions will occur about seven years longer than those who was not healthy.

Everyone is susceptible to various health problems, especially heart disease and stroke. However, a healthy lifestyle can bide your time to avoid the disease longer.