Muscular Teens Have longer Age


Muscular men are often idolized by women. But not only that, the benefits of having a muscular body also makes men, especially young men, live longer, according to researchers.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Swedish researchers analyzed more than one million adult male’s body that once had a muscular body at the age of 16-19 years old. Although when growing up they had increased body weight, people with muscular body when they were teenagers still could live longer.

Researchers then found that men who are not too strong on the arms and legs dies sooner than those who are muscular. In addition, men who are physically assessed weak are also likely to be fragile mentally.

However, a study reported in the BMJ highlighted that muscular body shape through weight lifting exercise not merely can prolong life. The most important fact is regular exercise to strengthen muscles naturally. Because strong muscles also interprets as general fitness standards.

Specifically, men who had a muscular body as a teenager reduces the chance of dying 20-30 percent lower due to cardiovascular problems and other diseases. Risk of depression also declined to 65 percent.

Based on this research, you should  exercise more and do a healthy diet to reduce the risk of various diseases.