Myoma uteri can cause miscarriage


Myoma is a tumor which is found in female reproductive organs. Until now, the number of patients is not known accurately because many women do not feel the complaint so they do not consult to doctor immediattely.

However, according to estimates, around 20-30 per cent occur in women during the productive age. Myoma uteri can cause infertile women or trouble conceiving because the location of myoma make egg cell lines clogged.

Myoma can also grow in the deeper parts of the reproductive. And it can cause miscarriage. Other disorders is a birth canal obstruction, weakness at the time of uterine contractions, bleeding a lot after delivery and release of placental disorders.

Myoma growth is influenced by changes in estrogen stimulation.  On top of productive age, myoma in a woman will shrink because of hers estrogen concentration was decreased.  Myoma itself is derived from uterine smooth muscle and in some cases found in vascular smooth muscle derived from the uterus.

Factors Causes and Symptoms

Fibroid size varies, ranging from 1-30 cm. The number is also very varied. Can be only one, can also be found in significant amounts. It can be located in the middle of the uterine muscle and at the edge of the uterine muscle and tend to stand out to the outer wall of the uterus.

Until now the exact cause of fibroids is unknown. But experts agree that the fibroids are connected with the genetic factor, triggered by the hormone estrogen.

Myoma is the cause of cervical muscles in particular are sensitive to estrogen stimulation. In obese people the fat can become estrogen and stimulate the muscles become hypersensitive and make it grow too much.

In general, women who suffer from myoma uteri, shows no particular symptoms. 50-60 percent, myoma uteri has no symptoms and the symptoms usually occur because of to much menstrual bleeding or irregular bleeding so the patient does not know the true menstrual. Patients will also feel the pain immediately after sexual intercourse, or when there is an emphasis on the pelvis.

During pregnancy, myoma uteri tend to enlarge this can depress the urinary tract, so the frequency of urination is very frequent. Even can cause inflammation of the kidneys.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is established based on ultrasound results. Diagnosis by chance does it mean when she wants to check (medical check-ups) and other symptoms, it found myoma in her uterus.

For a small myoma size and not enlarged, can be done with routine examination every 3-6 months. In other words, an indication that the treatment carried out on eliminating symptoms arise. If the myoma does not interfere with the reproductive process, it does not need surgery to lift it.

But for myoma which grows larger and cause a full feeling in your stomach, need to be removed surgically. Usually a doctor will first ask the patient whether it’s still going to use her uterus for reproduction process again. If there is no possibility, the doctor will set up along with uterine myoma which most are already filled with the myoma.


Although the myoma can be cured with surgery, myoma can grow back. However, in a small frequency. There is no special thing that can be done to prevent the return of myoma growth. There’s a good idea to check every woman of reproductive health on a regular basis every year.

The test that is usually done is the paps smears check for women who had sexual intercourse, a vaginal ultrasound examination or through the anus for women who have never had sexual intercourse.