Myth and Facts About Stomach Fat


fat stomachAs they get older, people who like to eat foods high in fat and rarely exercise usually accumulates a lot of fat in his body.

Fat deposits usually are in the abdomen due to hormonal changes the body. Research shows that excess fat in the abdomen can affect blood sugar levels and increase the risk of diabetes. Regular exercises is needed to restore the beauty of the stomach.

But first you need to know a few myths and facts about the stomach fat.

Myth: If you are thin, eating a little and not exercising, then your stomach will remain small
Fact: If you are very thin then the stomach will  look flat, but when we eat a lot, the stomach will easily become fat

Myth: When you train hard, then the abdominal muscles will be flat
Fact: Muscles of the body such as chest, arms, legs and shoulders if trained hard and with adequate protein consumption, the muscle will grow. However, for a flat stomach muscles, a person must first have a low level of body fat.

Myth: Thin people easily can have a fat stomach
Fact: The abdominal muscle thin people have tend to be less. When you have enough abdominal muscles, overeating will not directly be visible. That’s because there are muscles that holds it.