Myths and Facts About AIDS


World AIDS Day every December 1, is celebrated to raise awareness about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Especially as the cases of HIV/AIDS is increasing every year.

In order to not get misleading information about HIV / AIDS and does not raise bad prejudices and stigma against PLWHA (people living with HIV / AIDS), recognize the myths and facts about the deadly virus and disease, according to about.

1. People who are newly diagnosed with HIV / AIDS will die soon
Fact: The opinion is not entirely correct. Because, people who have been diagnosed with HIV / AIDS are proven to live longer than previous estimates. Use of medication, good treatment program, and a better understanding of this virus allows those infected to live a normal, healthy and productive life.

2. HIV / AIDS can be cured through alternative medicine
Fact: Not a few people claim to be able to heal it with alternative way. But, in fact now drugs to defeat HIV / AIDS have not been found. So, be careful of the claims or miracle cure.

3. General doctors can treat HIV and AIDS
Fact: the experts believe that with the complexity of HIV and AIDS, it means that only specialists are able to treat this case. Be sure to choose the right doctor to treat patients with HIV / AIDS on a regular basis.

4. HIV / AIDS can not be contracted through oral sex
Fact: Again, this is not true and this is a very dangerous myth. Condoms should still be used in every sexual intercourse, anal and oral.

5. People with HIV / AIDS can not have children
Fact: Women living with HIV / AIDS still can get pregnant and have children. To reduce the risk of HIV transmission, they must undergo treatment to control infection.

6. Age above 50 will not be infected with HIV / AIDS
Fact: This is not true, because many HIV / AIDS cases are found in the age. This virus can affect all ages.

7. Couples who are both subject to HIV / AIDS, do not need to use condoms
Fact: Not true. Experts assess that if they are not using condoms, it can be more severe and treatment process becomes more difficult.

8. HIV / AIDS can only transmit to homosexuals and drug users
Fact: HIV / AIDS can infect anyone. In fact, infants, women, senior citizens above 50 years, teenagers, and any race. People who have risk behaviors of HIV / AIDS can still become infected.