Nail biting habit is a mental disorder?


Nail Biting mental disorderDo you have a habit of biting nails? If so, you need to be vigilant and learn how to stop nail biting habits. Health experts would characterize this bad habit as a form of addiction and mental disorder. In fact, the disorder is considered to be more stubborn than the habit of smoking.

This habit is included in the OCD disorders, including washing hands frequently. Mental illness is caused by irrational thoughts that lead to repeating behavior that could harm the one doing it.

Even so, occasionally biting nails that are done and not too often is not included in the symptoms of this mental disorder.

“Just like pulling hair or peeling hand skin, biting nails are not included in mental disorder but could make a person stress, and addicted,” explains psychologist Carol Matthews, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Not only bad for mental, nail biting habit can also be harmful to physical health. Fingernails can be infected and make perpetrators susceptible to disease. This is because biting nails also allows germs to enter through the lips and mouth.

Stopping this habit can be done by covering the nails with tape or giving bitter taste to the nail.