Natural Acne Solution – What Works?


All kinds of potions for beauty problems have been formulated since times immemorial using products from nature or their derivatives. For acne too many a worthwhile solution can be provided using substances derived from nature- leaves, fruits, roots etc.

It has been observed over years of observation that no chemical drug or medical procedure has been able to satisfactorily check the acne situation and these too were often accompanied with harmful side effects. This is quite sad since acne affects the most visible part of the body- the face and this engenders depression and a lowly feeling. Indeed, acne is an unfortunate reality which cannot be satisfactorily consoled even by employing the best modern medical means. However, nature does open up its bounty towards preparation of various remedies to attend to the acne condition.

The natural acne solutions or natural remedies for acne can be broadly classified into two groups- the commercial solutions and the homemade recipes. The commercial natural solutions involve production of tinctures and decoctions of various natural substances to produce a marketable offering having proven effectiveness and a shelf life. The homemade recipes of acne treatment are, however, simply the pastes made or juices extracted from various herbs, packs made from milk, honey, mud and other simple ingredients etc. – all of which are time tested though not having a shelf life.

The commercial natural acne solutions are especially formulated by practitioners of natural and traditional medicines who may have even carried out some research to produce something truly innovative and effective. On the other hand the homemade beauty recipes for acne treatment/control encompass a wide range involving just anything natural of daily consumption and usage- fruits, vegetables, common herbs, spices, eggs, honey, milk and even mud. These products are to be applied on the face or affected areas and kept for some time before washing off. These usually have the desired effect of cleansing and toning the affected skin while keeping it moisturized, nourished and exfoliated.

Often a healthy diet accompanies external natural treatments. Experts of natural solutions to problems are of the opinion that the skin is an external barometer of the internal health and acne is an indication of lack of healthy eating habits particularly during the crucial teenage years. Thus, cultivating proper dietary habits are necessary to aid in healing. In acne conditions dairy products, refined and cooked carbohydrates and even meat ought to be avoided since these increase acidity in the system which promotes acne formation. Instead these should be substituted by alkali producing raw foods- fresh vegetables, fruits and some nuts. So, it is a combination of external and internal treatments which can make the natural acne solution work.