Natural Therapies to Overcome Stress


Pilates to overcome stressIn general, exercise can provides a lot of benefits. Not just physically, but also the feeling of peace in soul and feeling relaxed after doing activities.

However, it does not mean you have to run on a treadmill or join a high-impact aerobics class to reduce stress levels. Why not try one of the three natural therapy according to Health24 below. Both your mind and body will cope with stress stronger.

Tai Chi
The objective of this 8000-year-old exercise is to align body and mind through meditation in slow and graceful movements. Tai Chi based on Taoist philosophy of Yin (cold, dark, negative energy) and Yang (heat, light, positive energy), two  types of energy which are believed to exist in everything in the universe.

The aim of Tai Chi is the energy balance. Thus, when the natural balance of body and mind is obtained, the stress goes down. By focusing on controlled movements, your mind is distracted from the tension or stress you are experiencing. Tai Chi is an exercise recommended to cope with stress disorder associated with headache, heartburn, even for cancer patients in China.

Alexander Technique
This therapy was developed 100 years ago by an Australian actor named Frederick Alexander. Alexander Technique will teach you how to deal with everyday situations physically, including how you sit, walk, or lift something.

The Alexander therapy purpose is to recharge your body, make you breathe better, and have the peace of the way you felt when you were a child. By repairing a person’s body posture, Alexander technique will then be able to eliminate the physical symptoms of stress, such as back pain and muscle tension in the neck.

Pilates quickly achieves the same level of popularity as yoga. Pilates was designed in 1920 by Joseph Pilates as a way to cure injuries and keep the dancers stay fit. Pilates combines spring and pull system to extend the muscles with stretching exercises on the floor.

Both Tai Chi and pilates focus on breathing techniques. Pilates, like the Alexander technique, also dramatically repair your posture and recharges your body. You’ll feel more healthy and relaxed. During stretching exercises, energy is released to help relieve stress and muscle tension.