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Expanding epidemic You can’t have missed the news, Britain has some of the worst igures in Europe with almost two-thirds of adults either overweight or obese. And it’s not just adults – children are getting heavier too, with more than a quarter of under 11s carrying more fat than they should. Being overweight isn’t just about how you look. As waistlines get bigger so does the risk of heart disease, strokes and some cancers.

It’s the same for children, with strong evidence that even their cholesterol levels are increasing. Sadly, overweight kids also risk getting picked on and the result can be low self- esteem that makes life hell and may continue into adulthood.

They also run the risk of disability from blindness, chronic pain and limb amputation as they get older. Worse still, their lifespan might be shortened. As obesity has gone up so has the number of diet products which claim to help. On average, women now spend a walloping £1,137 or thereabouts on slimming every year.

But it doesn’t seem to have done much good as obesity has increased four-fold in the last 25 years. Amazingly, it’s about to overtake smoking as the leading cause of early death.

Obesity is spiralling out of control and spreading across the globe. VVF nutri why in her Globesity report and outlines what you can do to lose weight

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