Nightmare Could Cause Death

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nightmare Health Tips – A nightmare can be a disaster.  Someone who nightmare will move restlessly in his sleep. Sometimes in pain, moaning, screaming, coughing but could not get up.  Nightmares are very disturbing, because it can make a person become afraid and unable to sleep again. But in some cases nightmares could also cause death.

When Nemecio Tutop (37 years) went to sleep in a camp, he seemed to be in a perfect health. But the next day he was found dead with no signs of violence on his body.

The week before Dr. Alvin V Majoska, a coroner doctor in Honolulu made a list during the last six years that there were 43 healthy young adults and all of them were from the Philippines was found dead in their sleep without any reason that could be detected.

An autopsy conducted by Dr. Majoska shows that there has been bleeding and inflamed pancreas. The same condition was found in 25 cases of death that was autopsied by Dr. Majoska. This disorder called acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis and is very rare in the United States.

There is a possibility that this condition will attack every hour while awake or asleep, but the pain usually arise as a warning before a crisis situation develops. If this condition occurs when a person is awake, there are more patients who recovered.

“But the case in the Philippines is different, they all died in their sleep. Because 18 cases were found dead in the same condition without any acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis,” said Dr. Majoska, as quoted from TIME.

Most of the victims who died while sleeping in a dormitory and their roommate reported that they were gasping, moaning, coughing and gagging for some time before finally fell silent.

But it does not show signs of poisoning, parasites in the intestines and has no neurological disease. The only clue expected to be the cause is a terror which enters the mind and can cause a fatal shock reflex.

Meanwhile, Dr Pedro Brugada discovered an unusual pattern on the electrocardiogram that shows electrical activity in the heart. Patients had irregular heart rhythm in a snap and this is recorded in the ECG trace similar to shark fin.

This heart rhythm irregularity can cause fibrillation. When the pumping chambers of the heart decreases, blood circulation stops. If the heart is not stimulated by electric shock, the result could be fatal.

After collecting the evidence, Dr. Majoska concluded dream-death theory. This comes from the Philippines where Tutop leaves a wife and four children. In this region, similar cases had been reported and the victims died from nightmares.

The same condition has occurred and is documented on refugees in Southeast Asia in 1981. In these conditions there were 38 victims found.

That’s when Nightmare Death Syndrome was created which later was changed to Sudden Unexplained Death Nocturnal or Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome.

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