Nine Effective Ways to Overcome Flu


Flu becomes a threatening torture for people in the cold and rainy season. Besides soar throats accompanied by intense itching and pain when swallowing, flu usually is also marked by a runny nose, fever, body aches, and muscle aches. This is certainly very annoying and people would like to overcome flu immediately.

Do not rush to take medication. There are many ways to prevent and overcome flu, it was even known that chewing garlic can prevent flu. It is best for you to try to overcome flu the natural way which you can do at home, such as the suggestion given by Charles B. Inlander, president of The People’s Medical Society, according to webmd.

1. Blow nose
Nasal congestion is very excruciating. It feels like you definitely want to always create pressure on the nose. Keeping the mucus inside the nose actually worsen the pain and has risks of the mucus entering the lungs and trigger an infection. It is better to blow you nose so that you can get rid of the mucus. Press one nostril and then blow the nose to clean it. Do it turns.

2. Rest
Flu strike when the immune system is weak. Therefore, break into one of the important elements of healing because it will restore the immune system, so that it will be easier for you to overcome flu. In addition to speeding up healing, lying or sleeping behind the blanket is enough to help nourish the body.

3. Gargle
for your throat, try gargling with warm water mixed with various herbs or spices. For example, like by adding mineral salts, raspberry tea, balsamic vinegar, sage, ginger, and turmeric. Do it four times a day. This can ease your sore throat which will be a step to help you overcome flu.

4. Drink warm liquids
Drinking plenty of water is important during a flu. Warm liquid are also helpful to relieve nose congestion, help prevent dehydration, and can soothe the nose and throat membranes are experiencing inflamation. Steam released by hot drinks help thin the mucus.

5. Steam
One traditional way to prevent and overcome flu is by evaporation or steam. Put hot water into a basin and then put your face above it while trapping steam with a towel over your head. To get more effective results, mix it with spices that relieve nasal and throat, such as eucalyptus oil, turmeric, and ginger.

6. Inhale menthol
Apply eucalyptus oil or mentholated ointment near the nostrils. In addition to making stuffy nose better, this also helps prevent skin irritation around the nostrils.

7. High pillow
When sleeping, try to always keep the head in a position higher than the chest. This is to reduce the formation of mucus. The best way is a double pillow and face facing the ceiling.

8. Inhale onion
Smelling an onion is effective enough to overcome a stuffy nose. Onions act as a catalyst to remove fluid and clean the nose. Hold the pieces of onion under your nose for about five minutes.

9. Spicy foods
Capsaicin is the chemical found in chili pepper, or to help clear the nasal cavity. When flu strikes, try to eat soup with a sprinkling of hot pepper sauce or spicy foods.

The steps mentioned above can help you overcome flu. Before you take medication or go to the doctor, you can try these natural step to get rid of your annoying flu.