Nordic diet can lower the risk of heart disease


Nordic dietResearchers in Finland found the benefits of a diet that is done by the Nordic people. The diet called the Nordic diet consume much meat, plant roots, berries, and seeds. This diet is known to reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

Formerly it was known that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, fish, and fresh plants are the ideal diet that can reduce the risk of heart disease. However, not all regions can apply it, especially the north. To that end, the Nordic societies seek an easier alternative.

“Applying the Mediterranean diet is not easy for people in the west, especially with the limited and different appetite of food,” said lead researcher Dead Uusitupa of University of Eastern Finland, as reported by the NY Daily News (31/05).

The research results obtained after scientists observed 166 obese patients from the Nordic region, namely Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. Although both groups consumed the same calories, but one group eats more local foods such as berries, roots, seeds, and cabbage.

They also ate fish three times a week, beans, grape seed oil, and wheat. They were not forbidden to eat meat or white bread.

After 24 weeks, the control group showed little change in the bad cholesterol. While in the group that underwent the Nordic diet, cholesterol levels decreased by nine percent, and increased good cholesterol levels.

Participants who underwent the Nordic diet are also known to decrease chemicals which cause inflammation in the blood. The inflammation is associated with heart disease and diabetes.