Nose Shape Can Identify Someone’s Character

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Usually, to identify a person’s character we usually use fingerprint analysis. But according to one study, the distance between eyes and shape of the tip of the nose can also identify a person’s character.

“The nose is easy to be photographed and difficult to hide, so the nose detection system would work better on a legal case with an uncooperative subject or in secret surveillance,” said Dr Adrian Evans, a researcher from the University of Bath, according to TheSun.

Researchers distinguish the shape of the nose into six categories which are, turned-up, Hawk, Greek, Roman, Nubian, and Snub.

Simon Brown, an expert of face analysis and also author of ‘The Secrets Of Face Reading’, reveals the meaning behind the shape of the nose of each person.

1. Turned-up

An example of a famous person with turned-up nose is Marilyn Monroe. People with this type of nose tends to have a friendly personality, optimistic, full of character, the type of caregivers and providers of support to others.

People with a nose like this also often has unlimited enthusiasm for things and new experiences. These people usually tend to like adventures.

2. Hawk

An examples of famous person with a Hawk nose is John Lennon. People with a hawk nose type tend to have a way of thinking which is different from most people and more often rebelled.

Of the six types of nose shapes, those with the type of hawk are very concerned with what other thinks about them. But people like this really like doing things with their own goals.

3. Greek

An example of famous person with a Greek nose is Admiral Lord Nelson. A Greek type nose shows someone who is inspiring, functional and a skilled manager. People with this type of nose tends not to panic, think logically and are smart in maintaining emotions.

4. Roman

An example of a famous person with a Roman nose is Abraham Lincoln. People with this type of nose is strong but not aggressive, thorough and has the soul of a leader.

These people are not impulsive, not in a hurry in taking decisions and very good at influencing others.

5. Nubian

An examples of a famous person with a Nubian nose is Barack Obama. This type of nose shape marks creativity and enthusiasm.

People with this type of nose is always thinking of new ways to handle problems and changes. These people are open-minded, curious, very charismatic and expressive tend to like to make amends.

6. Snub

An examples of famous person with Snub nose is Muhammad Ali. This shape nose shows a smart person, both physically and mentally.

People with this type of nose can think faster than the average person, even may react quickly which can cause aggression.

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