Not all songs are good to be played during exercise


Not all songs are good to be played during exerciseExercise while listening to music would be nice, especially if you listen songs by your favorite band or singer. But beware, a study revealed that not all the songs are suited to accompany exercise. What songs do fit?

A research conducted by experts from Ghent University in Belgium shows, pop and techno songs played when exercising are most suitable. These type of music are to dance and is claimed able to increase physical performance by 10 percent.

Of course there is no bad effect of picking the wrong type of song. Still the benefits of the right song will no be obtained if we pick the wrong type of song.

Reggae music and jazz, though having the same tempo as  pop and techno are claimed not to have much benefits during exercise. These type of music can even lower exercise performance, for example the distance taken when walking becomes shorter.

“Tempo track determines how often we go. But there are other factors such as the type of music, which determines how long the steps are made??,” said Dr. Marc Leman, who led the study, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (07/12/2013).

The conclusion was obtained after experts’ observations of 18 adults aged 22-51 years. During exercise, the participants played 52 songs of various kinds of music and physical performance were observed with a special equipment.

Confirmed again by Dr. Leman, aggressive music and lots of repetition is best suited for those who want to improve exercise performance. These types of music will make someone work more effectively.