Not Buying Food, An Effective Way to Lose Weight


Effective Way to Lose Weight

Willpower is not enough in weight loss efforts. The easiest way is to remove the temptation to buy unhealthy foods when shopping in a store or supermarket.

Cambridge University research reveals, rather than resisting the temptation to eat food that is in sight, then it is better not to buy it.

Researcher Molly Crockett says that willpower is sometimes not the only form of self-control, but also very helpful in anticipation.

Dr. Crockett, who works with German researchers, said, “Our study shows that the most effective way to overcome temptation is to avoid facing them in the first place.”

“It confirms what we knew all along intuitively, that removing the temptation from the base of your choice is a very effective way to achieve your long-term goals,” she said.

“If you’re running a diet program, do not buy candy at the store because if they are in the house, right in front of you, you will not be able to fight them,” she added as quoted from dailymail.

The study, published in the  Neuron journal, also explains the brain regions that are involved in various aspects of self-control.

Professor Jason Halford, chairman of the Association for the Study of Obesity in the UK, said, “If you know what the situation is causing you the problem, then avoiding it from scratch is a useful way to change your behavior.”