Not only women, men also lie about their weight

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When asked about weight, do you reduce one or two kilograms from your real weight? A recent study found that most people, both men and women tend to lie about their weight.

Although apparently lying about weight will not be harmful, but researchers at the University College of Cork, Ireland found that it can cause problems, especially for calculating rates of obesity.

Lately researchers found much difference between the rates of obesity based on self check and by clinical check. Their findings also suggest that obese men tend to underestimate their weight than men who are just overweight.

In addition to losing weight, people also often add their height, especially men and women in old age, as reported by the NY Daily News.

Meanwhile, another study conducted by scientists at the University of Utah found that people tend to lie when confronted with a survey on weight and height. However, this data could have nothing to do with obesity.

Do you also lie about weight when filling health data?


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